I realize the site is still a bit of a mess. I certainly appreciate the comments thus far, and for my followers bearing with me as I consolidate content from old versions of this site, rework material from my portfolio to be more suitable to public presentation, and work through an effective presentation of my professional profile.

I realize that can be read as “my resume is a wordy wreck”, or “I have no real focus”; but I firmly believe in the value proposition of blending the CIO/CTO roles in many organizations. At the very least the value in having business analysts, strategists, and technologists aligned horizontally within an organization in order to identify and solve problems both internally, and externally is necessary for many types of process efficiency and innovative developments in application. That dual role and practice of utilizing internal capabilities as customer offerings, and those that are developed as products/solutions being adopted internally is occasionally a difficult bridge to cross.

The cultural aspects of change, the need for transition and turnaround expertise, and thought leadership all need to come together in a singular and concise vision which I’ve found difficult to generalize and distill. It seems from my self-reviews that discussing top and bottom line profitability/growth in the same sentence as business transformation has me sounding like an out-of-touch idealist & the descriptions either become excessively verbose, or somewhat esoteric. Not good on either end.

So while I’m still getting it all together, and am occasionally slow to respond – I wanted to take the opportunity to reach out and thank those that follow and send me comments.  Keep them coming and I’ll get back to you as quickly as I can.


The Site, It’s Still Coming Together

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