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This page set includes a synopsis of the customers, clients, major projects and milestones in my professional and academic career.  My resume, qualifications, and market experience are each included as separate pages.

“Okay, that’s nice … but what exactly is it that you do?”

The short answer? I’ve tried that on LinkedIn a few times (and on my resume’) and keep coming up with things that sound cliche’.  Let’s try this:

Integrating software, systems & culture; I develop solutions & solve problems to encourage positive change.

Hmm. No.

How about: Business & Tech: Leader, Architect & Strategist. I identify, develop, and deliver solutions that solve hard problems.

Um, closer I guess. But what does that actually mean?

I have been consulting and developing technology systems globally since the mid- 1990’s, with the bulk of my customers and clients within the technology, defense, and healtcare IT marget segments.  From information security and assurance, to business strategy; I have been an active and key voice in shaping the processes and standards for international working groups and agency partners which include the: US Air Force Weather Agency, US Air Force Air Mobility Command, US Air Force Air Education and Training Command, UK’s “Met Office”, Germany’s BGIO, US European Command (USEUCOM), US Air Forces in Europe (USAFE), NATO ACOMEX, and the SHAPE data automation groups.  There are other stateside projects and non-defense agencies as well … if you read my articles, you’ll get the gist.

My background started in computer science, and quickly changed to focus on a lower barrier to entry part of IT and I “started” out as a consultant supporting systems administration, engineering, management, and operations support. In mid-2000 I felt that working at the OS level, without enough fundamental understanding of the “why” was cause for a change of direction, and I took a step down the technology stack to focus on network design, engineering, and infrastructure while developing my public speaking skills as a trainer.  I stayed in that role for a few years, and after completing all of the Cisco track through the CCIE written, I was given my first real team.  Supporting a small IT center, I enjoyed the responsibility and freedom to work with the entire IT portfolio, and added DBA and “webmaster” titles onto the stack (Oracle and ColdFusion for the curious), while also getting my first taste of secure systems design & the human aspect of IT in organizations.  I started adapting my skillset into data modeling and the application of database driven systems which afforded me the opportunity to work with a number of agencies as a web developer, where I continued developing my talents as a software engineer and architect. By the end of these placements, I’d spent nearly 15 years working at every layer of the technology stack; developing solutions and solving complex problems that increasingly involved areas of organizational culture, human behavior, and into the data sciences for predictive analytics. It seemed then, to be a natural fit to shift gears and spend more time on the business and operations side that I had been supporting for so long … which is where you find me now.

Having a diverse background teaching and consulting across technological disciplines, I do my best to maintain a pragmatic perspective of competing priorities in governance, change management, and process efficiency. Technology, in my view, exists to enable other priorities and isn’t an end unto itself. Though my focus changes to fit the situation, enviornment and needs at hand; I’m currently spending a lot of time on the research and application of secure development lifecycles, quantitative management of information security, and the intersection of law, technology, and business as it affects the modern firm.

Okay, so I understand your basic history; but what is it that you actuall do?

I observe and interact, talk and listen, mentor and learn, serve and lead. I do this so I may imagine the art of the possible, and constrain it to the reality of the sensible.  I’m the person that will figure out how it could be done, and whether or not we should do it, who will develop enthusiasm in the organization, and that has the background to make sure it’s done right.

Gotcha. Why don’t you make that a into fun SlideShare or something? It would be a much shorter story.

Time and energy my friend. Time and energy.



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