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These pages reflect personal, academic and professional applications consisting of: original research, briefings, ideation outputs, training materials, simple blog posts, and essays covering a range of topics. At current the principle domains are in Information Technology (IT), Information Assurance and Security Engineering (IASE), Business Processes (BP) and Management, Quality Assurance (QA), Change Management (CM0), Configuration Management (CM1), Governance and Compliance – along with related areas of Business Law, Business Strategy, and my own sets of ideas for patents, inventions, innovations, and Concepts of Execution/Operation..  They exist to contextualize the art of the possible; a perspective of what can be done, what should not, and to share methods describing quantitative evaluations of the difference. It is my hope to share a broad understanding of technology, organizational behavior, and alignment with business strategies and operational goals, and to open a discussion using this as a platform by which I can maintain control and ownership of the intellectual property I create .

The initial set of focus while I redevelop and edit content is the pragmatic uses of technology and utilization of governance in execution of continuous improvement frameworks of organizational efficiency and business processes.  Discussions involve concepts application of thought leadership, development of executable plans, and descriptive frameworks for: information systems governance, process development and implementation, audit and compliance verification, training, mentorship and team building.  I’ll share from my professional background in training, mentoring and developing employees to encourage growth, while including extracts from my current academic research in multiple fields. Given the dynamic and challenging nature of many organizations; the analysis, development and delivery of complex solutions  across business domains in high assurance environments is a critical area of understanding for CIOs, CTOs, and leaders across disciplines.  So … if the interdisciplinary application of technology to improve IT and business processes in constrained timelines and budgets; while supporting the development and enhancement of governance /compliance models for solution development and process improvements (both customer and internal) are of interest to you, I hope that you’ll join the conversation and that you find something useful in these pages.

While I don’t post often, I will do my best to ensure that what I do post is substantive and contributes to the ongoing conversation.  As fair warning though … since this is, after all, a personal site as well as a developing portfolio; there are a variety of off-topic interests in automotive technology, physics, software projects and applications, fashion, entertainment, news for the family, etc. At the end of the day, it remains a reflection of the lens by which I view the world and how I move within it.

I look forward to any open discussion that those that stumble on this site wish to have. You can also find me on a number of social networks, so drop a line!


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