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21 Sep

I’d hoped to get a couple of papers, presentations and videos I’ve been working on out before comps start in the fall; but schedules and other projects have delayed that goal by more than a bit.  I appreciate the patience from those that have been looking for updates, so I thought it worthwhile to give a hint at the subjects I’ve got nearly ready to distribute:

  • Algorithms, tools, techniques, and decision aids for project planning and estimating.
    • I’m wrapping up the Erlang, COCOMO and Adaptive parametric models from the calculators I’ve previously released into a single application suite based on the Orchestra shell.  It’s all coming together in an MVVM design; with the plan being to port it all to a SaaS stack should I ever find the time.
  • An update to the WordMerge application – I’ve started working on the OpenXML version of the reader/writer; but have updated the current version to support other revision options to include worksheet exports of changes and comments.  I’ll have a repackaged version ready for use out in the next week or so.
  • Power BI stack examples and guidance for using Microsoft’s free PowerQuery and PowerPivot plugins for Excel to transform, analyze, and produce meaningful reports.
  • Concepts and prototypes of human-computer cognition techniques for knowledge & research management.
  • Example software, and demonstrations of the effectiveness/ease that document construction and assembly can be automated using Microsoft SharePoint and XML extensions to MS Office.

The big thing, however, has really been getting ready for my Doctoral Comprehensive examinations this fall.  I’m proposing a new technique for formal estimation, and consensus decision-making based on blending what I consider the best aspects of the Analytic Hierarchy Process, the Delphi technique, and the Planning Poker estimation method.  There’s a lot of work that’s going into validating the theoretical basis of the proposal, and in the design of the research plan to test it (given the time, money, and resource constraints of the dissertation phase itself).  As soon as it’s in a state that I can start releasing work based on the method – I’ll certainly get it out there.

So … it is certainly going to be a crazy October.  I’ll be in DC for a conference, followed immediately by a drive to Kansas for a cousin’s wedding, followed by a flight to Florida our first-ever family vacation (which happens to coincide with my birthday); which will be followed by a week-long working session in Huntsville, AL.

Perhaps I didn’t think this through that well, since those final assessments start right in the middle of it all! Gonna be a crazy October! I’ll be in DC starting next Friday for work, then drive to Kansas for cousin’s wedding, then fly to Florida for Aemilia’s first-ever family vacation (for my B-Day). As soon as I’m back, it’s off to Huntsville, AL for work … and my final school assessments start right in the middle of it all!

… Breathe Levii … Breathe. It’ll be okay.

As always – thanks for keeping in touch, and forgive my delayed replies.


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