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30 Jul

While I’m certain that I wrote an entry with the original incarnation of this site, its no longer available through the wayback machine so it seems appropriate to put at least a basic introduction together.

This site is the landing ground for information about the general lives and times of Levii and Tara Smith. An addition to the scope was added January 4th 2011 when Aemilia was born and now the site covers the three of us. This site is largely personal in nature; with photos, short updates and other information that may be interesting to people that have a personal connection to us. Even so, I’ll be placing significant sections of some of my academic work, thought on industry, personal projects, and analysis of current events/trends (for non-sensitive and non-inflammatory subjects … yes that means no politics or religion) on this site as well. This is partly for my own record, and also to share my thoughts and receive comment from anyone that feels inclined to participate in the discussion.

I’ve been asked, and of course of I’ve heard of the myriad of social networking sites specific to these purposes. Don’t worry, I’m not a social media troglodyte – I just don’t care for them and no single site will do everything I’d like to eventually get up on I’ve got a paper I’ve been piecing together on the subject and one day I’ll post it out here to more completely answer those questions. In the meantime I need to work out how to move this site to my own server where I can transition from Joomla! to a custom system that’s better suited to my needs.

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